Film Production during Covid

Is it possible to make a fully socially-distanced film where no one has to actually put themselves into contact with
Practice Safe Sets
Since the outbreak earlier this year, and continued spread of Covid-19, Rocket 88 Studios has been actively involved in the
It’s been more than a few weeks since we’ve all been thrown into an unprecedented new way of life and
Rocket 88 Studios produced, shot, and did the post-production on this project for Otherwise, Incorporated. We created the motion graphics
Rocket 88 Studios was the production company behind the "Go Fishing" campaign for Beacon Health Communications that was honored with
This is our latest Lifestyle Reel as shot by Jeff Gatesman.
fter more than 10 years living life as a reformed smoker in a society that promotes non-smoking, our own Jeff
It's a Honda CB550 Four, with an air cooled, transverse four cylinder, single overhead cam engine producing 50 horse power
We at Rocket 88 Studios are proud to announce that our PSA, Because, for the Greater Los Angeles Agency on
Through The Camera - Aging in Focus is a documentary sponsored by Nikon and directed by Pia Clemente and Tamra Raven,