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Rocket 88 Studios is a boutique production studio offering services in Commercial production and post-production.

Since 1993, our talented, award-winning staff have been designing productions and shooting them on time and on budget. We have a passion for film making, real world sensibilities and a penchant for coming up with creative solutions to the most challenging requests.

We also offer post production and can deliver you project polished and ready to air.

What is a Rocket 88?

The Rocket 88 was a car built by Oldsmobile in the 1950’s. It was a performance sensation that introduced middle America to the smooth V-8, short stroke, overhead valve engine that set the standard for the North American auto industry for the next 30 years. And it became a popular car to hot rod.

hót ród’ / slang/ An automobile that has been built or modified to increase its speed and acceleration.

So whats in a name? Rocket 88 Studios is a commercial production shop with the experience, talent and resources to build that perfect project from the ground up, or customize an existing one.

As a creative production company, our goal is to communicate your ideas, create your vision, or just sell your widgets, and to do that you have got to set yourself apart from the pack. You need that little something extra to get notice. We get it. We can customize your ride and give you that boost. We do production and post production in film, and High Definition and have worked in all of the New Media, including 3D and VR. But enough about us, why not check out some of our work.

Like what you see? Call us to discuss your next project. We want to work with you.