Film Production during Covid

See What I'm Saying is the amazing feature length documentary directed by Hilari Scarl about 4 deaf entertainers. I am
Many years ago Rocket 88 Studios was primarily a post production house, and one of our young directors came to
Rivers Casino, Des Plaines, IL agency: SixteenFifty Holdings, Inc, San Diego, CA Director of Photography, Jeff Gatesman
In the game of Scrabble the consequences of a challenge are, at worst, a lost turn. But our 3 players
It's a girls against the guys tackle football game, how can that possibly go awry? This is a little project
See What I'm Saying is a music video for the feature documentary film of the same name. The song which
Hop In The Stanza is a song by The Lilacs, that venerable pop band from Chicago in the early 1990's.
an you teach new dogs, old tricks? It seems these days if you want to show something out of the
Rocket 88 Studios: Live Acti-mation campaign and promo film Rocket88 Studio: Los Angeles, Calif.Jeff Gatesman, Writer/DirectorJudith Gatesman, Executive Producer/Head of
Wire removal can be useful for a variety of reasons: sometimes it is for aesthetics, such as getting rid of