No Stone To Throw

Sierra - No Stone To ThrowMany years ago Rocket 88 Studios was primarily a post production house, and one of our young directors came to us with a problem: he had just gotten a contract from a small independent label in Nashville to produce a music video for a trio of singers named Sierra, but he had no experience in producing himself and had no crew. We took on the challenge and became the producing partner and post production facility for “No Stone To Throw”.

Rocket 88 Studios assembled the crew of very talented crafts people, arranged a transportation team to caravan our equipment, makeup trailer and picture vehicle up to Wrightwood, CA, and planned a 2-day shoot in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. Everybody had a lot of fun on the shoot and we came home with a half dozen cans of exposed 16mm film that was lensed by Jeff Gatesman, and our production company was officially born.

Here is the finished product.

See What I’m Saying

SeeWhat-thumbSee What I’m Saying is a music video for the feature documentary film of the same name. The song which plays through the closing credits was written for the film by the rock band Powder.

This music video, filmed with deaf actors, is one of a kind as it is open captioned throughout, which makes it accessible to all audiences. It was directed by Hilari Scarl, co-produced, filmed and edited by Jeff Gatesman and was generously sponsored by Sprint Relay.