Covid Compliant Production

Since the outbreak earlier this year, and continued spread of Covid-19, Rocket 88 Studios has been actively involved in the discussions and meetings of television and film production organizations through to the publication of The Safe Way Forward. The publication was developed jointly by the production Unions and Guilds in consultation with leading epidemiologists and experts, and lays out a detailed set of science-based protocols serving as a path for all of us in production to follow in providing safe workplaces in a pre-vaccine, Covid-19 world. The Guidelines are an essential and necessary element for film and television casts and crews to return to work, and we here at Rocket 88 Studios are committed to following these guidelines, and to have personnel on set that have been trained in Covid-19 awareness and prevention.

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One of the things our Industry leaders have been saying since we first started talking about protocols for getting back to work is that we only have one chance to get this right, meaning that we cannot afford to have our talent or our crews put into situations where not only their health and lives are at stake, but the life of our industry as a whole is as well. You can be sure that Rocket 88 Studios will take every precaution to see a production through safely, and that includes pre-production. We have already finished several productions during the shut down and you can read about how we adapted in our case studies.

For more information on Covid-19 safety in production:

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