Tampon Touchdown

It’s a girls against the guys tackle football game, how can that possibly go awry?

This is a little project written by Jenn Cobb (aka, the bubble gum girl who gets the upper hand in Full Contact Scrabble) who also plays the quarterback. I directed and shot the film. I also did the post. If you are interested in how we accomplished the big hit between Jenn and Aikman check out this blog post.

The Girls team were: Jennifer H Cobb
Laya Portillos
Deena Grassia
Michelle and

The Guys Teams were: Bobby Scott Schweitzer
Steven Rummenie
Samuel J Paul
Troy Remelski
Isaac C Singleton Jr

and the Stunt Coordinator was Marque Ohmes

Pedro Guimaraes was the Camera Operator and Steadicam operator
Jennifer Ann Henry and Allen Starnes were the Camera Assistants and Bret Carroll was our grip.

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