71 South Wacker

Rocket 88 Studios produced, shot, and did the post-production on this project for Otherwise, Incorporated. We created the motion graphics and directed the original music score by Daniel Teo.

  • Director of Photography: Jeff Gatesman
  • Producer: Judith Gatesman
  • Creative Director for Otherwise: David Frej
  • Original Music by Daniel Teo
  • Color by Digital by Design

Johnny Rocket

Rocket 88 Studios: Live Acti-mation campaign and promo film

Rocket88 Studio: Los Angeles, Calif.
Jeff Gatesman, Writer/Director
Judith Gatesman, Executive Producer/Head of Production

Alexander Scholz played Johnny
Sam Whitehead played his Dad

Ron Turowski, Assistant Director
Pedja Radenkovic, Director of Photography
Original music written and performed by Keith Waggoner and Josh Caldwell
Jill Black, Wardrobe
Andrea Burish, Hair and Makeup
Lisa Gillespie. Sound Recordist
Greg Andrejko, Production Assistant

Special Thanks to Jim Maloney for allowing us to use his vintage Rocket 88

Concept, Script, HD Live Action, Stop Motion and 3-D Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound Editing, Title and Design.

Media Type: Commercial, Television/Internet
Genre: Visual
Content Type: Action/Adventure
Release Date: October 15, 2008
Duration: 02:45

Live Action and CG from Rocket 88 Studios, Los Angeles, CA. This self-promotion piece takes us to the imaginary world of 10 year old Johnny. Searching for an adventure, our hero wanders through his father’s garage where he finds, among other things, a captive fairy. The sound of a car horn grabs his attention as Dad rolls into the garage in his classic Rocket 88 Oldsmobile and as Johnny takes over the driver’s seat of the car, his imagination takes him on an animated mission aboard his 3-D rocket ship throughout Garage Space.